About A Minor Quest

Polo Beach Wailea, Maui, HI

Hello and welcome to our blog, my name is Angelina, I'm the main creator and contributor to this blog.

I started A Minor Quest as a creative outlet and to record our adventures. We’ve moved across Canada several times over the years. Zig-zagging across the country, living in picturesque places such as Lake Louise and Banff, as well as Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto and Calgary.

Each move forced us to explore our new surroundings and experience each place not as residents but as travelers, getting to know a new land. I always challenge myself and my family to find the uniqueness and charm that each of these well-known destinations offer.

Our adventure began back in 2002 while working in the hospitality industry. Our experience has given us some of the greatest opportunities to travel and enjoy a life of discovery and enlightenment. We’ve had the privilege of staying in some of North America’s greatest hotels, rich in history and culture, while enjoying some of the best food and beverage.

In addition to moving around Canada and visiting the surrounding areas of the cities we resided in, we have travelled around the United States, visited more than a handful of Countries in the Caribbean, lived in Japan for a stint and have begun to venture across the pond to Europe, and we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface.

We aren’t going to tell you how we left our jobs to travel the world with our children and how we enjoy living out of backpacks, because we just don’t.  We have a home base, which is currently Vancouver Canada. We both still work in the hospitality industry and travel for business as well as for pleasure.

As our thirst for adventure never quite gets quenched, and we hunger for more, we continue to seek out new and exciting places that can be enjoyed without over spending. We share these experiences here, on our blog, A Minor Quest. We hope, that by sharing our experiences we can provide you with useful and insightful information. Most of all, we hope to inspire you to get out and explore where ever you may be!

We’d love it if you would join us and read about our many adventures.

Disclaimer: All the advice given here is based on personal experience and many years as a lover of quality travel for an affordable price.