12 Holiday Gift Ideas

These gift suggestions are some of our personal favorites. We have used almost every item mentioned on this list and only recommend items that pass our stringent usage tests. That means, real life use!

Gifts Under $25

USB Charge cables. One of the most used items ever. Having a handy charge cable can be a lifesaver. This one happens to clip-on so carrying it around is easy and it looks pretty. Who doesn’t like a pink tassel? If the person on your list prefers something a little plain, they have that too.

Stylish Scarf or Wrap. Now that the weather has cooled slightly in the northern hemisphere, a cozy scarf is a welcome gift. It keeps you warm during flights and can double as a shawl at night if you’re headed to a warmer climate. I don’t think I know any woman who would turn down a warm, soft, stylish scarf. Not one.

Protective Cell Phone Carry Case. We bought one of these and ended up fighting over it. It’s perfect if you’re heading to the beach. Not only does it keep the water out, it also keeps the sand out. A perfect stocking stuffer for anyone!


Packing Cubes. For the longest time I resisted using packing cubes, I thought they were a waste of precious luggage space. I am a very organized individual and hate having lose items, which is why I do not understand what took me so long to try packing cubes. I am now a convert and have converted the hubby as well.  I purchased and tried these out last year. They keep me organized and I love it. I can’t say enough about them.

Gifts Under $50

Bestek Travel Voltage Converter. I purchased this item based on several glowing recommendations, it has not disappointed us. There are 3 grounded plugs, and 4 USB charging portals. In addition, it has a built-in converter which is a must when traveling with expensive electronics and hair appliances. It comes in a convenient carry pouch and can be used in over 150 countries.

Tile Mate, the anything finder. Many of us can agree that losing a wallet or any item for that matter while traveling is devastating. These tile trackers keep track of your stuff and can help you locate it, if it gets misplaced. Another one of those gifts that would be appreciated by almost anyone.

Stylish Sun Hat and Sun Shades are always welcome if there’s a tropical trip planned. Going in the sun without protection is a no-no. A great way to surprise someone with a trip, gift them a sun-hat and a pair of sunglasses and tuck the travel itinerary inside.

Gifts Under $100

Pixter Grand Angle Smartphone Lens. This little gadget is great for quick photos when you’re out and about. No bulky camera to carry around. The teenager loves this as it has a wide angle and captures a lot more detail than just a standard smartphone lens. It’s a gift they will always appreciate.


Mophie Juice Pack Battery Case. Anyone who has a smartphone and travels understands how frustrating it can be when your phone battery is low. This battery case looks good and provides extra juice when needed. The best part, it’s rechargeable. This gift will be enjoyed by anyone on your list who has a smartphone and uses it regularly.

Kindle Paper White e-reader. Carrying around more than 1 book becomes very difficult when traveling. For anyone who loves reading, the paper white is one of the most popular e-readers. A very thoughtful gift.

Luxury Gifts $100+

Noise Canceling Headphones. Enjoying some personal time on any flight is difficult. With noise cancelling headphones you can tune out the loud hum of the plane and tune into your favorite playlist or movie while in flight. I prefer the in-ear headset and personally use the Bose Soundsport.  They are the most comfortable fitted in-ear headphones and provide great quality sound.

Probably the most important item to a frequent traveler, quality luggage. We prefer the hard-side carry-on luggage pieces. I have a Tumi and my husband owns a Rimowa. These are without a doubt the most durable, and stylish pieces of luggage we have ever owned. I will never go back to owning a soft-side case again. My husband’s Rimowa is over 6 years old and it is in excellent condition. He travels on average 50,000 flight miles per year. To date, the Rimowa carry-on case does not have any damage to it, which is remarkable considering the distance this bag has traveled. We highly recommend both the Tumi or Rimowa hard-side international carry-on luggage.


This page contains affiliate links. By purchasing through these links, we will receive a small (teeny-tiny) commission, at absolutely no additional cost to you. These help to cover the costs associated with running a website. We would never endorse a product or service that we would not use our selves, that is our promise to you.

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